During the examination with retinal angiomatosis, the doctor sees a peculiar picture of the fundus: in the peripheral part of the retina, often in the lower segment, there are spherical reddish elevations. This is the capillary hemangioblastoma described above. Several large loopy supply vessels approach them from the optic nerve head.


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Engage in physical activity other than contact martial arts due to the risk of Zovirax pills to the pancreas and adrenal glands. Avoid working in chemical plants. Follow the special diet for people with Hippel-Lindau disease, which was developed by the VHL Family Alliance patient community. Dietary recommendations rely more on common sense and personal experience of patients than on clinical research. For example, it is recommended to increase the intake of cereals, various types of cabbage, fresh vegetables and fruits, while reducing the intake of animal protein (fish, poultry), limiting the use of alcohol and tobacco products due to the risk associated with kidney cancer. Such a diet leads to an increase in natural antioxidants and reduces the protein load on the body.

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Southern blot analysis may be used Acyclovir. This method is used in molecular biology to identify a specific DNA sequence in samples. In this case, almost all possible types of mutations are detected. Treatment of Hippel-Lindau disease. Hereditary diseases are almost impossible to completely cure, but by following these recommendations, patients can improve their quality of life:

Photocoagulation of acyclovir pills borders (laser coagulation) - cauterization of retinal areas with a laser of a certain power. Brachytherapy is targeted irradiation of an eye tumor. Cryotherapy of a tumor is the destruction of a tumor with the help of cold. Sealing of the sclera in case of detachment is an operation that ensures that the retina adheres to the choroid in the area of ​​detachment due to the installation of fixing seals on the sclera. Photodynamic therapy is the treatment of tumors, in which special drugs (photosensitizers) accumulate in pathological cells, and a directed beam of light then destroys these cells. Surgery of the vitreous body (vitreoretinal surgery).

Hippel-Lindau disease is usually progressive, so ophthalmic treatment should be started as soon as the diagnosis is made to preserve vision. Treatment may consist of dynamic observation, and, if necessary, surgical methods are used: Basic therapy for small peripheral retinal hemangioblastomas is laser photocoagulation. The effectiveness of acyclovir pills coagulation of a tumor depends on its size and location. Small hemangioblastomas (up to 3 mm) in the central sections and in the middle periphery respond better to treatment. Tumors of a large size or located on the extreme periphery, on the contrary, are treated worse with a laser.

Treatment for retinal hemangioblastoma close to the exit of Zovirax online nerve (juxtapapillary hemangioblastoma) is more difficult because nerve fiber destruction can lead to loss of visual fields. If the tumor is asymptomatic, then only dynamic observation is indicated. For symptomatic juxtapapillary hemangioblastoma, laser coagulation, external beam irradiation using photons or protons, vitrectomy (removal of the vitreous body) using photocoagulation or cryocoagulation, and standard photodynamic therapy are used.

The many-sided nature of this disease requires the involvement of a neurosurgeon, urologist, surgeon, endocrinologist and other specialists. Notwho require surgical treatment of kidney and brain tumors. Consulting a geneticist is crucial, as it affects all family members and plays a significant role in pregnancy planning.

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Early detection of retinal tumors with timely medical attention can prevent significant vision loss. People with Hippel-Lindau disease need to carefully monitor their health: measure blood pressure, monitor kidney function, be sure to undergo an examination by an ophthalmologist, perform an ultrasound of the abdominal organs annually and every 2-3 years, if indicated, MRI of the brain.